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The Most Advanced, Customizable Lead Management Solution for Business

5 STARS® is an integrated transaction tracking and management system.

One remarkable feature of the system is its ability to generate PDF Invoices, PO's, and Estimates at the click of a button.

5 STARS® Overview

5 STARS® is the patent-pending Lead Management system exclusive to CRM-gx. It incorporates the latest thinking in transaction technology. And like every other CRM-gx subsystem, speed and usability continue to dominate design principles, as witnessed in the video below.

Accommodates Existing Business Processes
Most CRM solutions force organizations to change business processes to accommodate the CRM system, or customize the solution to accommodate the organization.

HydraNet believes the CRM system should accommodate the organization, not the other way around. Like the other CRM-gx modules, 5 STARS® can quickly be shaped and flexed to meet the needs of the organization. In fact, 5 STARS® is the only web-based transaction system that gives organizations the ability to define business and workflow processes without programming or product re-engineering.

5 STARS® to the Rescue
The inherent flexibility of 5 STARS® saves time in the implementation process. This flexibility may make the difference between success and failure of your CRM implementation. One key reason CRM implementations fail is that the CRM system forces the organization to make too many changes to core business processes. When push comes to shove, it's usually the CRM system that gets scrapped, not the core business processes. The flexibility of 5 STARS® means the organization isn't forced to choose between a core process and CRM. This fact significantly increases the likelihood of a successful implementation.

5 STARS® configuration screens define each step of the sales and purchasing process.

Notify managers automatically stage-by-stage, define inventory rules, and more.

Beyond these time-saving and implementation-saving features, 5 STARS® integrates a business's ability to:
  • Take customer orders
  • Create purchase orders for suppliers
  • Estimate the probability that a deal will close
  • Project future earnings with sales forecasting
  • Calculate the profitability of transactions
  • Generate and deliver E-mail Invoices, Estimates, and POs
  • Notify workflow managers automatically
  • Track the deal pipeline instantly, stage by stage
  • Track the movement of goods to and from inventory
Diagnose your business and put 5 STARS® into action for your organization.

5 STARS® data is used in all downstream reporting tools, including Financials, My Performance (self-reporting), Sales Forecasts, Standard Reports and Charts, 360DV®, and ACR® - Advanced Custom Reporting. Instead of burying these reports, they are directly accessible from the main CRM-gx window (as shown below):

  Take an instant 6-month sales forecast directly from the main menu.

5 STARS® stage-by-stage tracking integrates into directly accessible reports driven by buttons on the main screen. Suddenly, every person in the value chain has immediate access to the transaction information they need. The reports shown below were generated with a single mouse click from the main screen of CRM-gx:

5 STARS® Reporting

Stage 2 deals are represented by 2 stars. Black stars represent a completed stage. Red stars represent a "failed" stage or a stage which needs attention.

5 star deals, shown here, have all reached the final stage. Note calculations for Proj. Rev, Gross Sale Amount, COGS, Margin, and P/L.

Compare Us to the Competition

If you have the time, compare 5 STARS® to the "Opportunity" management systems offered by other CRM vendors. Think F-15 versus witch-on-a-broomstick. We'll let you guess which is the witch.

Benefits of 5 STARS®
5 STARS® turns businesses into well-oiled profit machines by eliminating many of the time-consuming, complex processes involved in the transaction processes. The system:
  • Eliminates the problem of deals getting "lost in the system"
  • Provides a visual picture of your entire transaction pipeline
  • Cuts data-entry time for transactions by up to 70%
  • Forecasts future revenue instantly and accurately
  • Cuts invoicing, estimate, and PO delivery time by up to 90%
  • Reduces or eliminates inventory tracking errors
  • Increases your average deal size with up/cross-selling
Don't take our word for it. Diagnose your business and let 5 STARS® prove itself in your organization.


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