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Why HydraNet

Avoid the failures of CRM
You may have read about failed CRM deployments, and the difficulty of implementing CRM. Gartner Group and Meta Group report failure rates of 55-70% for CRM implementations.

After reading statistics like that, many companies wonder, "Is there any CRM solution that is a genuine solution?" "Does any CRM product actually deliver on its promise?" And finally, "Do we have a chance of actually implementing a CRM solution once we pay for it?"

The Challenge
The challenge companies face is how to separate the truth from the marketing hype. CRM vendors almost always describe their products as easy-to-use, intuitive and flexible. If all CRM solutions are so easy-to-use, intuitive and flexible, why is it that nearly 70% of all implementations fail?

The Answer
The answer is easy to find. Just ask the users. During the development of CRM-gx, HydraNet spoke with hundreds of users.

And here's what we learned.

Salespeople instinctively hate CRM.
Entering data into a system is a burden.
It doesn't help them sell more.
It's just a distraction that takes them away from their focus of selling and serving the customer.

Unfortunately, when salespeople hate the CRM system, they usually find a way to bury it. They either refuse to use it entirely, or they enter the absolute minimum information to keep their boss off their back. When this happens, incomplete or inaccurate information makes it impossible for management to get the reports they need. Pretty soon the system is gathering dust.

HydraNet CRM-gx changes all that.
We created a CRM system that salespeople don't hate.

The HydraNet Difference
The difference is in our interface. We have unique, patent-pending technologies that dramatically reduce the number of steps required to record customer information and log activities. In fact, a busy salesperson can record an entire day's activities in less than 5 minutes. In other solutions, logging those same activities would take 5-7X longer.

In addition to cutting data entry time, we added functionality that helps salepeople sell more effectively. Tools that enable them to set priorities, allocate time more efficiently, and focus on their most profitable opportunities. Then, we made it accessible anytime, anywhere, so they could work on the road or at home.

CRM-gx is Hot!
Learn why more CEOs are turning to CRM-gx

Why HydraNet?
How CRM-gx account management, reporting, and lead management systems drive value.

Read Before You Buy
Few CRM buyers are aware of these surprising facts. What you learn may make the difference between the success and failure of your CRM implementation.

CRM Success Secrets
Tools like MTS makes recording interactions with customers a snap.

Cut Data Entry by 80%
HydraNet's MQA eliminates the headaches of traditional CRM.

Account Management
Meet JCAMS - one of the world's most advanced account management tools. Read more here.

Lead Management
5 STARS combines more functionality and power than most multimillion dollar CRM solutions.

Real 360 Views
Instantly analyze customers, employees, sales teams, and offices in ways you never thought possible.

Reporting & Analytics
Unique and powerful CRM reporting tools without all the hassle.

CRM-gx White Paper
A Revolution at Allied Global Movers, requires PDF Reader

CRM-gx Benefits
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