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Strategic Implementation Plan

An Analytical Approach
CRM is more than a technology solution. It is a new way of looking at your business and your customers. HydraNet Consultants can help your company implement not just the technology, but the concept of CRM across your organization.

What you get:

A Complete Business Process Analysis

Our senior CRM consultants with review your entire organization, including Sales, Customer Support, Accounting, HR, and Management on the basis of the latest CRM trends and research. Our consulting team will then present you with a complete Business Process Analysis report, along with recommendations of how to streamline and make your organization more customer-focused.

Onsite Seminars
HydraNet consultants will give seminars to your key business units based on the recommendations of the Business Process Analysis report. These seminars will be geared specifically to the needs of your organization, but typically include topics like how to:
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Allocate resources by focusing on key accounts
  • Take a single-enterprise view of customers
  • Increase marketing effectiveness
  • Improve sales productivity
  • Reduce the cost of customer service

Discounts on CRM-gx Implementation Services
All organizations using our Business Process Consulting services receive a 20% discount on our CRM-gx implementation services.

Predictable Costs
As always, HydraNet quotes a fixed price and a fixed schedule. No rolling deadlines or open-ended pricing.

Proven Results
We have a strong track record of providing high value-added CRM consulting services to our clients. Read more about our success stories here.

For more information about our CRM and Business Process Consulting, contact us today!

CRM-gx is Hot!
Learn why more CEOs are turning to CRM-gx

Why HydraNet?
How CRM-gx account management, reporting, and lead management systems drive value.

Read Before You Buy
Few CRM buyers are aware of these surprising facts. What you learn may make the difference between the success and failure of your CRM implementation.

CRM Success Secrets
Tools like MTS makes recording interactions with customers a snap.

Cut Data Entry by 80%
HydraNet's MQA eliminates the headaches of traditional CRM.

Account Management
Meet JCAMS - one of the world's most advanced account management tools. Read more here.

Lead Management
5 STARS combines more functionality and power than most multimillion dollar CRM solutions.

Real 360 Views
Instantly analyze customers, employees, sales teams, and offices in ways you never thought possible.

Reporting & Analytics
Unique and powerful CRM reporting tools without all the hassle.

CRM-gx White Paper
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CRM-gx Benefits
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